4 Ways to Find the Right Transmission Specialist

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When searching for just the right transmission repair shop, there are a few prerequisites we always advise people to check into to ensure they receive quality and fair service. While repairing and replacing transmissions isn’t on anyone’s “favorite hobby” list, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience either.


4 Ways to Find the Right Transmission Specialist

  1. Check Their Methods
    Find out what approach your potential specialist uses to diagnose transmission problems. If upon asking, your specialist simply says he’ll “take a look and get back to you,” it could be a sign that he isn’t up to date on the best and most efficient ways to discover the root issue. Especially if you have a newer car which relies heavily on computer software to operate, it’s important for whoever is working on your car to have a good understanding of this technology. While it’s still possible a technician without the latest and greatest computer screening technology could still correctly determine how to best fix the problem, it’s very likely your visit could wind up being more costly due to the extra labor.
  2. Consider Your Ideal Time Frame
    If you happen to have a multitude of cars at your disposal, timing may not be a particularly important point of interest for you. However, if the car you’re getting transmission work done for is your sole mode of transportation, you may only be able to afford an extensive gap of time without your vehicle. If this is your case, as most commonly is, check to see how many products and parts your potential specialist keeps in stock. Some shops will keep a large stock pile of the most commonly needed repair/replacement parts on hand in order to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Others will have to order the parts and wait for them to arrive before they can even begin working on your car. Be sure to consider this when making your decision.
    Note: Referring back to tip #1, keep in mind that the diagnostic process could also become a factor in timing.
  3. Check Their Reputation
    This may seem obvious to some readers, but digging into a company’s reputation can be one of the most important, and often overlooked, factors when deciding who you want servicing your vehicle. The first thing to do is to check and see how long your company has been in existence. For example, a company who’s been around for 30 years likely does quality work; at least good enough to stay in business that long. However, some of these older companies like to focus on older cars or use older techniques which, again, could cost you time and money.
    Reviews are also always one of the most important clues as to whether or not a shop is right for you. But be sure the reviews you’re reading are credible and not just from the company’s site itself. Also, read into whether or not the person leaving the review seems to know what they’re talking about. If someone who doesn’t know about cars comes out of an experience frustrated due to a lack of understanding, it could make for an unfair, biased review.
  4. What Are Their Areas of Focus
    For transmission work, we often advice that you find a transmission specialist specifically. Going to your everyday mechanic could leave you at risk for a less than satisfying service job. Transmissions are complex and can be quite tricky. So finding someone who works solely on transmissions is always preferred.


While there are several other factors that could go into making this decision, we believe these 4 considerations should be taken right off the bat. There are plenty of transmission repair shops that fit all of these prerequisites. As a point of reference, you can check out a shop we’ve kept up with for quite a while in Greenville, SC: All-Trans. You can access their website in order to see what a good example of a transmission specialist looks like. We wish you luck on your quest!