Locksmith Competition Winner

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As many of you know, we began holding a competition to see who the best locksmith was in South East exactly 6 months ago. And today, we finally get to announce that our winner is a locksmith in Spartanburg, SC: Spartanburg Locksmith!


We utilized this entire half year keeping good records of what we experienced personally and heard about all of the locksmiths who were nominated. While we had some other very good contestants in the running, we had to go with Spartanburg Locksmith for a few reasons.

  1. They’re very reliable. These guys are available to help you get out of a pickle 24/7. They are truly always on call. This is one of the categories that we experienced ourselves. And Spartanburg Locksmith was on the scene in no time at all.
  2. Great customer service. As we did experience them in a true bind, we got to really see them in action. While we were very impressed with the quickness of which the job was done, what most got our attention was the level of professionalism these folks have. Everything was very smooth from the time someone answered the phone to the time my locksmith was waving goodbye and wishing me a safe continued trip.
  3. They do it all. There’s not a single locksmith need I can think of that these guys can’t help with. From cars to homes to commercial buildings, they can tackle any lock and key problem handed to them. (And that’s when you know you’re dealing with true experts).

Congratulations, Spartanburg Locksmith! And we thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping anyone in your area who’s in need. As promised, we will be promoting your company on our website and all of our social media platforms for the next year. And will surely be referring others to you from here on out.

For anyone in need of locksmith help in the upstate South Carolina area, be sure to give these guys a call. You can find all of their information on their website.

And after such a great turn out and having so much fun throughout the entire process, we’ll be sure to continue with these competitions. Next time, we hope to reach the west coast. So stay tuned. And please, feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions.